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Stumps Ground Professionally at a Fair & Honest Price

Unsightly stumps in your yard can take many years to decompose to the point that you can remove enough to cover with dirt and grass.
Stumps also attract ants and termites to your property.

ABC Stump Grinding specializes in grinding stumps.

We grind 4-6 inches deep in most places (deeper and wide for stumps) and include surface roots.

We can grind deeper upon request.  You won't have to worry about regrowth. 

We also grind blow overs/uprooted trees (after the trunk has been removed).

Get to Hard-to-Reach Places Without Damaging Your Lawn

ABC Stump Grinding uses a self-propelled grinder than can grind your stumps without needing to drive a truck into and leave ruts in your yard.

It's also capable of fitting through most backyard gates so that we can get to stumps almost anywhere in your yard.

We've even ground stumps in raised flower beds, up next to houses, and climbed steps to get to stumps.

We have portable fencing to protect property from flying debris.

We're happy to look at your project and give a free estimate.

Contact us via email or by phone/text at 309-857-9153 for a free estimate!

For email & text, please include name, project location, and work to be done.

Text for quicker response.

Business Hours:  8am to 6pm CST Monday - Saturday
Closed on Sunday

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