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ABC Stump Grinding, Tree Service & Sharpening/Retipping Services

Will Travel to Any Area if the Job is Big Enough!

Central IL area -- generally within 75 miles of Peoria



Stump Grinding & Tree Service provided in:
- Central IL
- Any area if the job is big enough
- Tornado & Hurricane damaged areas -
Home Town Prices for Storm Victims!
We'll grind all your stumps for a reasonable price!  Give us a chance to beat the competition! Would love to work for tree services that don't want to grind stumps!

Our Carlton 7015 remote-controlled track grinder won't rut your yard like the pull-behind machines.  We can get in places the others can't.

picture of how to measure stump

Contact us via email or by phone/text at 309-857-9153 for a free estimate!

See pictures below for some of the work we've done.

Teeth Sharpening Services Provided NATIONWIDE!  Now Retipping!!!!

Teeth Sharpening Grinder  Teeth Sharpening Grinder  Types of Teeth Sharpened  

Send us your teeth -- we'll sharpen and send them back!  Ship USPS flat rate box for reasonable amount.

We offer Nationwide Teeth Sharpening services for ALL TYPES of Stump Grinder teeth!
Carbide Teeth
Stump Grinder Teeth
Save money!  Avoid buying new teeth!  Keep your machine running at maximum efficiency!
Can sharpen teeth (in most cases) 5 or more times. 
We use the finest tools in the business -- surface grinders and diamond wheels -- to finish the job with precision. We use coolant throughout the process to keep your teeth cool.

Green teeth, Pro teeth -- $3-4 per -- depending on how worn they are
Sandvik teeth -- $3-4 per -- depending on how worn they are
Yellow Jacket teeth -- $4-5 per -- depending on how worn they are
1/2"x1/2" Finger teeth -- $2.50 per
700, 900, and 1100 Green/Red Teeth -- $4 per
Super teeth -- $4 per
For other teeth, text or call for pricing -- 309-857-9153

RETIP Teeth:
Yellow Jacket Teeth - $8.00
700 and 1100 Green/Red Teeth - Text or call for pricing
900 Green/Red Teeth - $8.00
Vermeer Pro Teeth - $5.25
Praxis Teeth - $80 per set
Carlton Sandvik Teeth - $8.00
New River Sandvik Teeth - $8.00
Rayco Super Teeth - $5.25
Any Thumbnail-style Teeth - $5.25

Flat rate shipping is available through the US Postal Service.  Also check prices for Regional A (up to 15lbs) and B (up to 20lbs) boxes.  Free Priority Mail boxes available from the Post Office.  

Be sure to wrap boxes securely -- we have received boxes gaping open with teeth falling out.  Teeth move around less freely if you wrap them in an old t-shirt or towel -- or put in containers inside the box.  

Also be sure to tape -- SEVERAL TIMES -- ALL sides of the box.  We use BOTH duct tape and shipping tape to wrap the box securely when we return to you.  

This is an "empty" box we received with "Received in Damaged Condition" tape all over it.

Orders of $100 or more will be returned to you postage paid.  

Contact us via email or by phone/text at 309-857-9153 for a free estimate and shipping address!

Over 30 years of experience stump grinding and over 20 years experience sharpening teeth!

Fast Service!

Satisfaction Guaranteed! Our service record is exquisite!

Licensed & Insured!

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Forms of Payment Accepted

References & Happy Customers

"Thank you David. We are very pleased with your work and professionalism. We will definitely recommend you to others who need their stumps ground. Thank you."
David then asked if he could share on our web site.
"Go ahead and use my text. I strongly support your work."
"Yes, go please use my endorsement for your business."
From a satisfied customer on Baltimore Ave, Morton, IL

Thank you so much.  I was able to get a good look at everything this morning and my yard looks so much better.  The tree at the corner of the house looks wonderful!!!
Thanks again!
Barbara Guthrie
Fayetteville, TN


Thanks for all your help and your knowledge and professionalism concerning resharpening. You have always done a superb job on my green teeth. 
Kenny Kinard 
Kinard Tree Service
Jackson TN 38305

Some Jobs That We've Done...

From start to finish on a stump.

Stump Before   In Process   Remote Controlling Process   Stump After  

Same property, but stump was in a flower bed next to the house. Afterwards, homeowner was ready to plant in the same hole.

Stump Before   In Process   In Process  

Before and after in a damp yard -- notice no damage to grass.

Stump Before   In Process  

Snellville, GA job
Baby squirrels' nest came down with the tree -- they were taken by homeowner to vet


Roadside tree trimming for the town of Shorter, AL


Advertise Your Business on This Trailer 

This is a unique opportunity to advertise on a traveling billboard!


- Available space for lettering is approximately 5' x 15-18' per side
- Cost:  $500 month for both sides or $300 month for one side (plus cost of lettering the trailer)
- Minimum 6 month commitment with payment due in advance (3 months at a time)
- Trailer is pulled to jobs almost everyday in Central IL areas -- and occasionally other states).
- Trailer is also pulled to tornado and hurricane damaged areas when damage is extensive.

                            Your Advertising Here (both sides available)


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